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It's not everyday you get to celebrate a milestone and document it for the ones who raised you. These two were the ones who bought my first camera, who helped me get an education to learn how to properly use it, and who put up with all of my own shying away from getting pictures taken. The funny thing is, up until this session, I had never taken their photos in a professional capacity. 

I believe photos open up a dialogue of who you are in the moment, when you look back on them you remember what it was like to be there. I've heard many photographers discuss this and highlight the difference between your average photo, and truly being able to capture someone's portrait. In essence, the biggest factor is truly documenting that person with all of the quirks and nuances, connecting with them, really seeing who they are and displaying it in such a way that anyone can see it. It's a lot to take in, even when you're working with those you know, and love.

When working with my parents to capture these photos I wanted it to feel extremely natural, that being said I proposed we do it at their home in New York. I wanted to share the life they've built, the home all the kids knew, the routines they've fallen into throughout the years and let them reminisce about all the life that had been lived in between those walls, and under their roof.

I am beyond lucky to have had these two for parents, and so blessed they are still so in love after all of these years. It's extremely apparent how much these two care for each other, and those around them. They constantly push me to be a better person, and encourage me to improve the world around me, but the best thing is  they lead by example.
I could say so many things but I think the most important thing is: Thank you. Thank you for your love and encouragement, for your support, for teaching me character, helping to learn a solid work ethic, and for always being there. I couldn't have asked for better parents who are still so in love after 37 years of marriage, here's to many, many, many more.